Initial Assessment

There can be many different areas of our lives that influence our health. This is the time which we can look at many of them a little deeper. (1-2 hours)     $125



Extended Follow Up

After an initial plan has been addressed, checking in on progress and addressing any new concerns. (30-60 minutes)     $55



Follow Up

Time to address any new concerns and to continue checking on progress. (20-30 minutes)     $35



Child's Initial Assessment

Children sometimes need a little guidance as well.                                           (Under 16 years old)     $65



Phone calls, texting and emails between appointments

Sometimes we just need to double check on something or need a little encouragement between meetings.     No Charge



Extra retainer time/ food diaries

Want a food diary looked over, but not a full appointment or 15 extra minutes in person to discuss something.     $15



Weigh In

Want to use the body composition scale in the office to get a print out of progress in between appointments.     $5